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How to get game audio right: Make an audio design doc

Getting Game Audio Right

Getting the audio done for your game can seem a daunting task, but Microsoft Audio Director Zack Quarles(X-men: Legends, FEAR 360, Quake 4, Wolfenstein & more) has written a great guide that can make this a lot easier for you.

I often get asked how I “start” a project.  This is a big question.  Multiple things happen all at the same time, but one of the “filters” that I generally use to collect all of these items into a centralized place is the Audio Design Document (also called an audio style guide, sonic bible, etc…).  This becomes a road-map for myself, the audio team, and the project team as a whole on how I guide the audio component of any project that I’m on.

Read Zack’s full guide to creating an audio design document for your project here!

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