Behind The Scenes On The Sound For Battlefield 4

There’s an interesting post over at Develop’s Heard About column, on the sound for EA’s Battlefield 4. Here, Ben Minto outlines how the team approached the sound for the game, and the sonic possibilities offered by the new game engine.

For Battlefield 4, we wanted to recapture the rawness of BC2, but not at the expense of clarity and readability.

And whilst your firearm is the key way you interact with the environment, you have a big part to play too, so we’ve taken player foley out of the High Dynamic Range mixing system.

Now explosions will not cull your footsteps; there’s a constant sonic connection between character and world.

Read the full post on the sound for Battlefield 4 here.

Posted by Asbjoern on January 22, 2014 - Contact

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