Great new game music: From Arabian mysteries and African adventures to tropical islands

If your game takes place in an exotic setting, one of the best ways of recreating the atmosphere is through music.
Here is a collection of new tracks that you can license, hand-picked for their great atmospheres and high production quality.
Click the black BUY button on the player to purchase the currently-playing track for your game project.

1. Arabian Nights by Art-of-Sound
An atmospheric track, evoking images of desert scenes and Arabian mysteries. Features a middle-eastern backing and beautiful playing on a Ney, an Arabian flute.
The following tracks are composed by Wellman
2. African
A groovy African track, featuring great percussion, kalimba and native African chanting. Also includes a loopable version.
3. Batucada
Brilliant percussion in this Brazillian Batucada track – great for that groovy carnival ambience!
4. Salsa Resort
Looking to infuse your game with some Latin music? This track features congas, bongos, timbales and brass and really sets the tone. The composer also offers looped versions of the track on request.

If you need more world music for your game, you’ll find many more in the collections on top of this page. Click the ‘World’ button in the top-left corner on this page to hear hand-picked tracks spanning pretty much all corners of the world.
Hope you enjoy the tracks, and if you’ve come across – or have composed – some great royalty-free game music, let me know! You’re also very welcome to leave a comment below.

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