New Game Music For Kids

Fun Music For Kids

If you need game music for kids, be sure to check out my latest tracks – They’re available for instant previewing and download right here:

Fantastic Fun Toon
A festive, up-beat cartoony theme for children, featuring marimba, tuba, piano, flutes and pizzicato – great for kids’ TV, games and animations!
Backyard Building 
A playful track for kids featuring an ukulele melody, piano, percussion and pizzicato. Great for all kinds of projects for children – especially ones with a science or inventive theme.
Sleepy Time
A sweet melodic track for kids, played with acoustic guitar and piano. Works really well to create a warm, comfy atmosphere – perhaps for bedtime stories or cozying up with the family.
And if you need more music for children, there are many more tracks available for you right here.
Hope you like them and put them to good use in your project :)

Posted by Asbjoern on March 4, 2013 - Contact

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